Sport as a tool for AntiRadicalisation online activities

Gea Cooperative organized four online meetings for coaches, activists, and educators to talk about sport as a tool for preventing violence and radicalization in youth. The meetings were attended by a total of 20 people from different Italian locations: Padua, Turin, Milan, Rome, and Rimini. The presentation offered the definition of some useful terms to help the process of understanding the topic of the training, such as prejudice, stereotype, polarization, radicalization. Following the introduction, the signs of radicalization, the possible factors that drive radicalization, and the places of radicalization were discussed. In the final part, sports were discussed as a useful means of preventing and countering radicalization especially in young people through group work among coaches and among the peer group.  
During the online meetings, participation was stimulated by case studies, the use of the interactive platform where participants carried out activities in small groups, and the sharing of best practices and experiences

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