INEX organises National Workshop with key actors

Based on the findings of the research, done as a first step within the project and the conceptualization of the workshop for educators, we conducted our first sessions on 26.02.2021 and 23.04.2021 online. It brought together 15 participants, mostly social workers from 5 different regions of the Czech Republic. 

The workshop firstly reviewed the current knowledge of participants on the topic of radicalisation, and then we explained the basic principles of radicalisation and further on reflected on the polarising aspects in society, especially in the Czech context. Further on we looked at the typical signs of radicalisation and what can be the degree of expression they might have on individuals. We also analysed the different reasons that can push somebody to become radicalised and which locations or spaces are more propitious to radicalisation. We then concluded by looking at the role of sport and how it can be a preventive tool against radicalisation. We looked at its basic values and benefits for its practitioners and gave recommendations on how to maximise its positive effect.

The whole workshop despite being online was made interactive through active participation and reflection, notably with the usage of share white boards (see below). The feedback received was positive and raised awareness for the need to conduct similar workshops among the youth they work with.

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