Meet Our Young Journalists

Ádám Uzonyi

As the blog manager of the Hungarian investigative online journal Átlátszó Oktatás, I believe that we all have to take responsibility for our communities. We have to fight corruption, radicalization, and prejudice and we have to defend human rights. This is my main motivation for working as a journalist since 2016.

Eleni Kryńska

Eleni Kryńska is a graduate of the journalism department at the Catholic University of Lublin, correspondent of the Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program, intern in two regional magazines, 2017 winner of the Youth4Regions Media Programme contest, and a former guide to The State Museum at Majdanek.


Gilbert Kingway

Gilbert Kingway is a student from Kinshas, Congo, who actually lives in Padova, Italy. He is an openminded person. He likes learning new things, especially practical skills. He also loves neing around people and interacting with the.


Paola Cosma

Paola Cosma was born in 1994 in Galatina in the province of Lecce. She actually lives in the city of Padua, where she obtained a master’s degree in Performing Arts and Multimedia Production with the thesis “Female figures in the French cinema of the banlieues”. She is currently enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Culture formation and global society, in Padua. She is a member and player in the amateur sports club A.S.D Quadrato Meticcio and responsible for educational and after-school activities for the little athletes in the neighbourhood where the association is based.

Renáta Veres

Renáta has completed a bachelor’s degree programme at Corvinus University of Budapest and has qualified as an Expert in Communication. She started her MA studies at Eötvös Loránd University in 2019. Her research interests are public service broadcasting, radicalization and sustainability.

Szymon Majchrzak

Reporter for Radio Afera from Poznań. Author of the award-winning series of reports from the Apennine Peninsula. He also studies rehabilitation at the University of Adam Mickiewicz.


West Oladun

West Oladun is a 19 years old with Nigerian origins, born in Padua, Italy. He has a productive interest
in the present and what he sees he captures with his camera. He believes that journalism in itself, in
addition to the classic methodology of writing, must also contain elaborate multimedia forms, in step
with the current period in which we are. Technological innovation together with journalism can be
very significant and important. He considers himself lucky to born in this era with tools that allow
him to make journalism more interactive and participatory.


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