Coaching Sessions in Padua

Gea Cooperativa Sociale in collaboration with ASD Quadrato Meticcio promoted the coaching sessions
included in WP2 of the Yarspe project by involving adolescent neighbourhood residents (boys and girls aged
from 13 to 18) in the city of Padua.
For ASD Quadrato Meticcio, it was a challenge to increase and include within the group of beneficiaries of
their existing activities (such as sports days, snacks and after-school activities) some neighbourhood teens
who are not involved in their activities. With the help of two GEA staff members and the volunteers of the
Quadrato Meticcio club themselves, the obstacle of first contact was overcome, offering ever-changing
activities. The activities were sports and extra-sports for a total of 20 activities spread over the 2022 period.

Participants had biographies of important personalities available on a table and were invited to choose
their favorite and extrapolate favorite phrases, found in the text, to be featured on the poster.
Famous characters in sports: Paola Egonu (volleyball player); Leone Jacovacci (boxer); Megan Rapino
(soccer player); Jesse Owens (sprinter and athlete); Eric Cantona (soccer player); Salima Mukansanga
(referee); Zidane, Marcel Dessailly , Laurent Robért Blanc (soccer players)
Phrases written in the poster chosen by the young participants:
“I hope to see them live long enough to see them defeated” Paola Egonu against people who insulted her
because she was chosen as the flag bearer for the Olympics 2020:
“Because of his performance he was granted access to the university of ohio” Owens and reflection about
discrimination against blacks in access to studies and the concept of unjustified meritocracy.
“Kicking a fascist was the best thing I did in all my sight” Cantona, reflection on violence in sports and
“Black , blanc, beur” the slogan used with France’s victory in 1998 to represent the plurality of the winning
Then after reading the phrases the participants were invited to discuss among themselves motivating their
choice. The session was successful because the children shared ideas with each other and through stories
about sports, a topic they are very interested in, they had the impetus to talk about important and current
social issues.

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