Between Padua and Rome, the Yarspe project against youth violence tells its story!

A local conference, in Padua, and a national one in Rome brought Alice Bruni project manager of GEA to tell and disseminate the Eramus+ Yarspe Project “Youth Anti Radicalisation through SPort in Europe”. The meeting in Padua was held on Saturday, May 21 inside the space of Polisportiva San Precario since 2012 active in the territory of Padua to promote sports and the fight against discrimination in the event entitled “Rose Rosse per te” focused on the theme of men’s violence against women, developed through a series of products such as a theatrical, musical and video performances. This included the presentation of the Yarspe project and the viewing of interviews to tell how sports can be a tool to prevent, reduce and raise awareness of violence among young people (teenagers and young adults in the case of Yarspe).

The meeting in Rome was held on Monday, May 23, in Rome at the in-person and online seminar entitled ” Sport as a strategy for preventing and countering youth violence” as part of the European Safe Zone Project organized by a set of research centers, universities and sports organizations in Italy, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia. Alice Bruni, in addition to the account of the Yarspe project, showed those present portions of video interviews conducted by young journalists who joined the Yarspe group. The interviews report personal experiences of young people who, thanks to sports, have managed to get out of violent practices and to “stay outside,” “be in another place” where there is less violence and crime.

Link to see speech by Alice Bruni in the Safe Zone webinar:

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