Project Partners

— Fare Network

Founded in 1999 in Vienna, the Fare network (Fare) is a European NGO representing organisations that tackle discrimination in football and use football as a vehicle to foster social inclusion and promote diversity. United by the commitment to bring about positive social change, the strength of Fare springs from its diverse membership which comprises over 110 NGOs, youth organisations, ethnic minority groups, supporters groups, amateur and professional football clubs, national football associations, etc. in 38 countries.

Fare acts as platform for its members to connect and address cross-border issues in the field of anti-discrimination, social inclusion, integration, diversity, LGBT inclusion, and gender equality across all levels of football.

GEA Coop Sociale

GEA is a social non-profit cooperative, established in Padua in 2004. The cooperative has developed a solid experience in services for the inclusion and active citizenship of migrant communities, families, individuals, in particular women, youth and children. Volunteering among youth, through sport and arts mainly, is one of its focus, offering opportunities of European mobility to young people with different background, including those with less opportunities of getting in contact with EU goals and peers around Europe, as young migrants, asylums seekers and refugees, people with low education and economic/social disadvantage.

— Fotbal pro Rozvoj

Fotbal pro Rozvoj (Football for Development) is the flagship program of the NGO INEX-SDA based in Prague (Czech Republic). Since 2006 it engages young people at risk of social discrimination through football-based informal educational activities. The project is run in various regions of Czech Republic (Prague, Usti nad Labem, Pilsen, Ostrava, Olomouc and Karlovy Vary), where Fotbal pro Rozvoj teams up with low-threshold clubs, social services, youth clubs and leisure centres. Together they provide a pedagogical and preventive form of leisure time activity to young people and adults and also give them a space to develop valuable competences directly on the football pitch through its fair-play league, football-based workshops and youth leadership program. Besides Fotbal pro Rozvoj hosts yearly a ‘Football film festival’ which raises the public’s awareness about the role of football in society and gives another perspective on the beautiful game.

— Fundacja dla Wolności

Fundacja dla Wolności (Foundation for Freedom) is a nonprofit organization established in 2004 in Warsaw, Poland. We empower underprivileged groups, and operate in the fields of sport, integration and cross-cultural education. Our core programs include football activities for mixed groups (refugees, LGBT+, women) and community work in asylum seekers’ centres. Throughout 15 years we have had over 2K beneficiaries of all ages from more than 110 countries. In 2017 our sports program was shortlisted for the Beyond Sport Global Awards, and in 2019 for the #BeInclusive EU Sport Awards. The foundation is a member of the Fare network and cooperates with several international stakeholders. 

— Subjective Values Foundation

Subjective Values Foundation was founded in 2002. The main goal of the Foundation is to provide opportunities for young people to realize their creative ideas, and to implement projects emphasizing cultural diversity with them. Subjective Values Foundation also aims to support the education of young people from underprivileged backgrounds, to promote their social inclusion, to address conflicts arising from social inequalities, to create a sustainable society, and to promote the European ideals in Hungary.

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