Partnering to build a world where all youth are safe.

YARSPE – Youth Anti Radicalisation through Sport in Europe has a multidimensional, proactive and positive approach to radicalisation that aims towards collaborations between different actors, combating isolation and helping young people from identified communities at risk to take part in sport and leisure activities. Running from 2020 until 2022, YARSPE is a project funded by the European Commission and implemented in Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic.

Objectives and Outputs

Sport as a tool against radicalisation

Sport in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism is viewed in two main contexts – as contributing to crime prevention or as part of a wider social development approach promoting inclusion, building resilience, and supporting individual development. Promoting civic education, soft skills, critical thinking, digital literacy, tolerance and respect for diversity and the culture of non-violence can address some of the factors in radicalisation. The UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (S/RES/2250 (2015)) recognises the crucial role of social cohesion for the prevention of violent extremism. 

 With the support of a team of researchers and young journalists the project aims to create tools for coaches, teachers, and sport associations to prevent radicalisation among youth. By collaborating with local organisations, institutions, and public authorities, we aim to prevent discrimination and extremism of all forms through the organisation of sport activities for young people at risk of different forms of radicalisation.


— Objectives

– Organise sport activities that engage youth in society, increase competencies, participation, foster intercultural learning and prevent radicalisation;

– Improve the capacities, skills and knowledge of coaches, teachers, football clubs and sport NGOs on working with youth at risk of radicalisation by creating new adaptable tools and collecting good practices on monitoring and coaching;

–  Merge the theory and practice on countering youth radicalisation to identify new methods and strategies of engaging sport as a tool to prevent radicalisation of youth;

– Develop a EU network of diverse stakeholders: academics, coaches, football clubs, NGOs and public authorities to establish a support system for young people.


— Outputs

 Handbook of Good Practices and Tools– A collection of practices and tools to be used by formal and non-formal educators to prevent and countering radicalisation among youth.

– Analytical report- Merges the theory and practice on countering youth radicalisation to identify new methods and strategies of engaging sport as a tool to prevent radicalisation of youth.

– Ten Animated Stories that will offer an insight in the life of young people that have gone through radicalisation process.


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